Klaar voor een avondje pure ambiance?

Playlist linedance - Set 1

1. Back in your arms again - The Mavericks (Mexi Fest)

2. Baby, let's lay down and dance - Garth Brooks (Lay down and dance)

3. Black Coffee - Sean Kenny (Black Coffee)

4. Down on your uppers- Derek Ryan (Down on your uppers)

5. Ride with me - The Mavericks (Ride with me)

6. Who's bed have your boots been under - Shania Twain (Love Forever - PD)

7. A love worth waiting for - Bouke (A love worth waiting for)

8. Lover please come back - Billy Swan (Lover please come back - PD)

9. Walk of life - The Dire Straits (Stray Cat Strut)

10. Your still the one - Shania Twain (The One)

11. Gentle on my mind - The Band Perry (Gently on my mind)

12. All that heaven will allow - The Mavericks (All heaven allows)

13. Living next door to Alice - Smokie (Alice)

14. It's a heartache - Bonnie Tyler (Heartache)

15. Feel free - The Bellamy Brothers (Feel free - PD)

16. I need never get old - Nathaniel Ratliff & TNS (Never get old)



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